Regulations for the 19th Ötztal Classic

Automobile and motorcycles of the following FIVA classes are admitted:

A – E built until 1960
F – 1.1.1961 to 31.12.1970
G – 1.1.1971 to 31.12.1980
H – 1.1.1981 to 31.12.1988
I – Morgan Class (no National Championship scoring for the ÖMVV-Cup)
J – Youngtimer (no National Championship scoring for the ÖMVV-Cup)
K – Guest Class (no National Championship scoring for the ÖMVV-Cup)
If there are less than 3 vehicles in a class, the class may be combined with the next class.

The participation with a temporary or transfer license tag (or analogously foreign admission) is permitted within the scope of the legal provisions. The participant is responsible for compliance with the applicable regulations.

All documents necessary for the start, which are not picked up by Friday 11:00 am, will be given to late entries. There is no obligatory average speed (special competitions excepted) on the entire course, the drivers can freely choose their individual time range. Therefore, this competition is perfectly suitable also for vehicles with low horse power engines. Micro-cars belong to the automobile class. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops are NOT allowed as timekeeping methods.

The scoring system can consist of the following points:

  • Compliance with the starting rules and the relating terms and conditions
  • Compliance with the given starting time
  • Correct driving of the course
  • Passage or stamp control spots
  • Time checks
  • Uniformity evaluations
  • Ability trials
  • Precision evaluations (eg slalom, backward driving etc.)
  • Respecting traffic regulations
Awarding of Points

For the awarding of points, it is at least necessary to have completed 80% of the route length within the timeframe specified by the organizer. If this is not the case, the participant is evaluated as “failed” and receives no points.

The rating for the ÖMVV-Cup is given in the following groups:

  • Automobiles up to the year 1960
  • Automobiles of the years 1961 to 1987
  • Co-driver evaluation up to the construction year 1960
  • Co-driver evaluation of the construction years 1961 to 1987
  • Motorcycles

Within each category, points are awarded for the places 1 to 20 according to the regulations of the ÖMVV-Cup.




All participants with a valid ÖMVV registration, a FIVA ID-Card or a historic admission in the licence are admitted to score in the National Championship, irrespective of the country in which the vehicle is registered or where the participant is domiciled. The desired participation in the ÖMVV-Cup must be specified by the participant in the nomination form.

Scoring National Championship

All participants who give a written declaration on the entry form are admitted scoring in the National Championship on condition that their motor vehicle has a valid ÖMVV registration or a valid FIVA ID-Card. All other motor vehicles can take part in the event without ÖMVV or FIVA ID Card.

In addition to the participation in the ÖMVV-Cup, it is also possible to start as an oldtimer expert driver or as an amateur. A team scoring can also be reported for both groups, given that there are at least 3 vehicles in a team. If there are less than 3 teams, the team scoring will be cancelled. Entries are made online at immediately after transferring the entry fee. Entries without payment of the entry fee will not be accepted.
Closing date: 15th July, 2017

Entries Fee
  • Basic fee per vehicle with one driver and a co-driver in the ÖMVV Cup Starter or in the Expert Driver category is € 750.00
  • Basic fee per vehicle incl. driver and co-driver in the Amateur Driver category is € 690.00
  • For additional companions who want to participate in the dinner at Gasthof Stern or in the Classic dinner at Hotel Kassl, a fee of 29 Euro per person must be paid
  • No additional entry fee for team scoring

In order to confirm your registration, please transfer the entry fee to the following bank account:
Bank Details:
IBAN: AT 3820 5020 0800006868


The entry fee must be paid anyway and will be refunded only if the entry is not accepted or if the event is cancelled. In case the event is cancelled due to force majeure (natural disasters, ozone alert) a third of the entry fee will be deducted for covering the organizational costs.

  • Event fees and organizational costs
  • Timekeeping with hose and/or light barrier
  • Starting numbers
  • Course documents / Total distance approx. 270 km, special trial competitions
  • Hospitality gift
  • Covered parking (limited number of parking lots)
  • Lunch on Friday including one drink for driver and co-driver in the ‘Hühnersteige’
  • Dinner on Friday at historical Gasthof Stern in Oetz incl. one drink for driver and co-driver
  • Brunch incl. one drink in Innsbruck pedestrian zone at the Golden Roof
  • Coffee and cake or drink at Abbey Stams
  • Classic Dinner including aperitif and drinks (hard drinks excepted) at traditional Hotel Kassl
  • Support breakdown service car with mechanic
  • Sweeper car on the course
  • Non-cash prizes
  • Cups for Expert and Amateur Driver categories – 1 – 3
  • 2 days at Hotel Bergland****S incl. ski pass for 2 persons
  • 2 VIP tickets for the Alpine Ski World Cup Opening in October 2017
  • 2-day VIP program for 2 persons plus all offers available at Tirol Therme Längenfeld Spa Center

There is a great number of lodgings in Oetz and surroundings. Ötztal Tourismus is glad to help you in finding your favourite accommodation.
Request/reservation hotline:

0043 57200 500

Disclaimer of liability

By signing and submitting the entry form, the participant (m/f) declares explicitly and irrevocably that she/he is personally liable, under civil and criminal law, for any personal injury, material damage and damage to property caused by her/himself or her/his motor vehicle within the rally course or its facilities on the spot. The participant agrees that the organizer and all authorities and persons depending on her/him – local authorities, organizations, single persons, users of the rally course and their legal successors – do not accept responsibility for any personal injury, material damage and damage to property caused by the use of the rally track or the rally track itself. In the event of a damage the responsible participant shall indemnify and hold free and harmless the organizer from any third-party claims. All participants are aware that photos, films and videos made during the competition can be used for public relations purposes at any time and that they have no right to claim indemnification against the organizer even if the publication of the material is not directly connected to the event. By handing in the entry form the participant accepts the terms and conditions as described in the invitation.

Organizational Information

Additional instruments: the use of manual stopwatches – no matter if analogue or digital – is allowed. Supporting mechanical instruments are permitted. Electronic speedometers (like bicycle computers) are permitted as well if the motor vehicle does not dispose of a working speedometer or display providing information on the distance and speed. The organizer reserves the right to prohibit the use of further instruments or supporting devices by listing them in detail in the general terms and conditions of the event.


In case of objections, protests and appeals the FIVA-B / Event Code Austria / Point 8 applies.


The advertising contracts concluded between the organizer and the sponsors must be fully supported by using all the provided material (for example: start number). Personal advertising on the motor vehicle is allowed only by prior arrangement with the organizing committee.

General information

The event is held according to FIVA regulations. The course direction reserves the right to set up supplementary regulations. Before drivers receive their starting documents a technical inspection and the final admission to the race are scheduled. Nevertheless, only the driver is personally responsible that the motor vehicle is road-legal and safe. Vehicles with serious technical defects, invalid or missing safety check sticker (except for cars with a temporary number plate or vehicles from foreign countries) or vehicles registered intentionally with the wrong year of construction will not be admitted to the rally. The general Austrian road traffic regulations apply in the course of the entire event. It is forbidden to exceed the average speed of 50 km/hour. The race direction reserves the right to disqualify any participant who acts contrary to the present regulations. The organizer does not accept responsibility for any personal injuries and material damages occurring in the course of the competition. The participant is personally responsible for injuries to persons and material damages caused by himself or his motor vehicle. The organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event and to refuse entries at any time and without prior notice. The members and host of the ÖTZTAL CLASSIC 2017 look forward to welcoming you to this unique classic car event!

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